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How To Upgrade SugarCRM CE

Update in November 2018
A free version of SugarCRM CE has been updated to work with PHP 7+ versions and
is available to download at CRM.Place here:

SugarCRM has been through dramatic changes and its versions keep on maintaining the excitement that all users have. The updates in the Sugar software offer new features and capabilities to meet the growing demand of businesses and organizations. The only thing you have to do in orderto be updated on these new functionalities is to upgrade the software. Here are the steps on how to upgrade the SugarCRM software for Community Edition (CE).

Updating the Sugar software can take many points to consider, and the most important thing that you should always remember before doing this process is to have a back-up for all your files, records and other important customer information in the database. There is a tendency that you may lose all your data unexpectedly for unknown reason. So it is better to be prepared or else, your update would end up useless.

Considering that you already have the running Sugar and that you want to upgrade it

1. First, you would need to download the patch file in order to get started.

2. Log in on your SugarCRM CE account with your username and password.

3. Go to the like for Admin and look for Upgrade Wizard then click on it.

4. Go to the System Check and follow the required steps whenever you are asked to upgrade your downloaded patch file.

5. Click on the Preflight Checks and wait until the upgrade process becomes successful

6. You can then return to the page for Admin by clicking on the link and navigate the settings in the Repair option.

7. For a fast process, click on Quick Repair and rebuild button, and there you have your upgraded SugarCRM CE.

As you see, SugarCRM makes it very easy for every user to configure and specify the settings to meet their business requirements. All processes are simplified for great user experience. The upgrade process is a very easy action, and acquiring all new features of the Sugar software is always made possible.