SugarCRM Google+ Plugin

SugarCRM Google+ Integration

SugarCRM is accesible open source Customer Relationship Management software, being used by over
5000 customers around the world. SugarCRM is well known for its very useful Web Services Framework,
framework which allows a very large number of applications to access the instance and work with data
on it. The Google+ Connector application developed by Danmar Computers is one of the applications
that can access the SugarCRM instance and work with the data on it. The Google+ Connector allows
users of SugarCRM (versions 6.0 and up) to search for the Google+ pages of clients directly on the Sugar
page. This application will search the client automatically, listing all the pages with the same name as
the client you are searching. In addition when searching for the client you can see the posts on his or her
page by clicking the “View Posts” button which helps you make sure that you found the right page. Once
you are sure that’s the correct page the client’s Google+ page is saved in the database and you will be
able to see the client’s posts directly on the related Sugar page.

SugarCRM Google+ Connector released. Download it here:

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