Hubspot – Facebook Custom Audience

Hubspot is known for being one of the leading all-in-one platforms that allow you to integrate multiple parts of your business that are usually handled separately. With Hubspot, you can have your CRM, marketing automation, content management system and even service or ticketing system all in one place and seamlessly working together.


With Hubspot’s CRM and marketing automation, you can segment your audience and create custom campaigns for your prospective clients driving them through your entire pipeline to increase conversions.


As with most marketing automation in the past, email has been the usual means of reaching out to audiences in their marketing campaigns. But now with social media and various platforms and avenues to reach your audience, it will be unwise not to harness the potential of these platforms.


Facebook’s popularity and huge user base has become a reliable way to reach almost any audience, with more than 1.4 billion active daily users. Now, you can integrate and sync your Hubspot audiences with Facebook – making this one of the most powerful integrations you can implement.


With this integration, you can extend the reach of your marketing efforts beyond email campaigns. You can sync your smart lists to audiences on Facebook – retarget and nurture existing contacts in your funnel, or even run ads to generate targeted new leads.


Now, you can use the power of Facebook custom audience with Hubspot’s marketing automation.


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