SugarCRM Customization

SugarCRM is a modular framework based on core modules developed and refined over all SugarCRM editions, CE, Professional, Corporate and Enterprise.

We can help you fulfill your business needs through these modules that require customizations and new modules development. We allow you to define information structure that represents the objects and construct the user interface (UI) elements supporting them.

We provide customization features with no required coding. Our modules describe the properties and supporting UI elements needed for the support of a certain type of data object. We offer many modules that are supported by SugarCRM. These include accounts, leads, projects and cases. We can help you get a wide range of customizations.

We can assist you to make your CRM initiative successful through a range of professional services we offer.
Our services include full SugarCRM customizations, data migration, module development and integration development so the final SugarCRM will comply with all requested tasks.

Moreover, we can help you get training for SugarCRM in addition to our commitment to increase customer satisfaction level by helping your business communicate with prospects, share sales information and close deals.

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