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SugarCRM Leads or Contacts Search by Email Is Slow or Time Outs

because of a MySQL bug still active in almost all servers the search from SugarCRM becomes very slow or even times out for big databases/tables when “Any email” field is involved.

Solving this bug improves the speed of search considerably , allowing users to use this search for databases with a big number of records too , and decreasing server load considerably.

Part that needs fixed IN (SELECT eabr.bean_id FROM email_addr_bean_rel eabr
  JOIN email_addresses ea ON ( = eabr.email_address_id) WHERE eabr.deleted=0 AND ea.email_address LIKE

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New Sync Between SugarCRM and osCommerce Released

Danmar Computers has released a sync the open source customer relationship management software SugarCRM and osCommerce, an online store management software program.

Open source Commerce or osCommerce is a free online shop program that features shopping carts, order history, secured transactions, product reviews and lists of bestsellers. Because of its large support community, this program is very easy to use and highly suitable for all kinds of stores. It enables products catalogs to be searched and browsed, proving to be very effective when it comes to selling.

Danmar Computers creates this new application wherein information introduced on store sites could be transferred to SugarCRM. It means that customers can now be synced with SugarCRM as a new lead through this module. All leads created in SugarCRM are converted into an account and a contact once customers check out in the store.
All customers registered in the online store sites are now able to make an account for either purchasing items or just subscription to newsletter offerings.

This new application created by Danmar Computers allows easy access from osCommerce to the in-demand SugarCRM software, which has been used by a wide range of businesses all over the world. This also allows all users to maximize the benefits of the online store management program and the open source CRM with regards to convenient, efficient and effective customer service.