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SugarCRM AjaxUI Boosts Performance

There is a new method for loading pages using AJAX user interface (UI) following the introduction of SugarCRM version 6.3. It loads html contents instead of making a full page refresh. Below are some major advantages that this method has to offer on SugarCRM performance.

Server load is reduced

There is no need for the server to deliver the footer, header, or examine style files, and standard javascript for each request.

Full rebuilding of the Dom tree is not necessarily required

The center area of the content is set to be modified instead of destroying or rebuilding the whole Dom.

Script files are not longer required to be parsed

Generally, the loading of pages requires the browser to parse all of the scrip files and reload into the memory even though there is a caching of javascript files. Performance is boosted when the javascript to the current page is parsed. This is evident in machines having slow CPU speeds but showing fast internet connection.

The number of request per page is minimized

There are no more problems encountered during the configuration of a web server to set cache timeouts that are very large. The image, javascript and style files for request are only loaded by the client once. A request is never made again unless there are new updates in SugarCRM. Unfortunately, a request to the server is still needed by the client because of several non-configured web servers. But with the new Ajax UI, these script files can stay in the memory until the browser is closed by the user even if configuration of the cache expire is not made. This can make the load time of a web page to a single request that takes under a second.


The addition of AjaxUI also brought some adverse impacts in terms of customizations.

• The custom javascript that uses document.write can replace the current web content due to the fully loaded Dome tree when the web page is rendered.

• Because of the loaded web page before the insertion of the main web content, onLoad can no longer be trusted.

• The order of scrip block execution is a major javascript issue.

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SugarCRM WorkFlow stopped working.

After updating  SugarCRM to Version 6.3, 6.4 or 6.5 it is possible that the previously defined workflows will stop working.  Apparently the workflows are defined correct and they are ok but nothing will happen when the trigger moment comes.  After trying to redefine them still no errors will occur, but they will not be triggered.

For details or support don’t hesitate to contact us.

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SugarCRM Ajax UI enabled: “An error has occured”.

    After updating SugarCRM to Version 6.5, if the AjaxUI is enabled, an error will appear in every module which will prevent the user from doing anything in that SugarCRM instance. Creating a new Contact, Account, Lead or anything else will be impossible as this error will block the rest of the script from saving any modifications on any module.


For more details and suggestions don’t hesitate to contact us.

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The Relevance of Open Source To Your Business

The trends in technology will never end as developers and inventors can always find new things that people can benefit from. Technological innovations are everywhere and internet users are used to testing technology for their personal needs. Technology companies are exerting efforts to boost these trends and extend their exposure.

You might be one of the people who are following such trends. But have you very been thinking of open source? Perhaps, not because its importance is often overshadowed by what the technology can offer.

The common trends in technology are mobile communication systems, Big Data, social media and cloud. Did you know that all of them are using open source? This is what makes open source more relevant than ever.

Open Source Powers Mobile

Our lives have been changed by mobile phones and tablets. A smartphone uses open source to link you to the people you want to connect with. You would not dare to imagine what life would look like nowadays without phones. If you have been using smartphones, then there is no need to explain how important they are to your life. Similarly, open source is very important in order to make a smartphone a useful device.

On the other hand, Google uses open source for its Android operating system. Also, its Android market is open for those smartphones with Android OS.

To conclude, open source powers almost all top mobile technology providers.

Open Source Powers Social Media

There is no doubt that online social networking sites are dominating the web in today’s world. Almost all internet-oriented people are using social sites to get connected and reach the people they know. The most dominant social networking sites are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Here is why open source plays a vital role to their success.

• Facebook develops open source to use it for its software to maintain its more than 800 million users.

• Twitter develops open source to use it for its software to maintain its more than 400 million users.

• LinkedIn develops open source to use it for its software to maintain its more than 150 million users.

In addition, the use of customer relationship management (CRM) software has been also dominant. More companies are using them to better their relationship with their customers. A leading CRM solution in the world, SugarCRM is an open source solution. This has a free version that can be used with no cost.

Open Source Powers Social Media

The change brought by mobile and social platforms is delivered by software companies. Open source powers the cloud to bring that change to reality.

Open Source Powers Big Data

Big Data has been a promising tool. It promotes lower costs in using data mining, data warehousing and data analytics. Vendors of Big Data such as Vertica, Aster Data and Digital Reasoning are real divers of the market. All of them are powered by open source to compete well in the industry.

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CRM Integration Enhances Rate On Investment

Every business needs to improve customer service to increase the satisfaction level of its valued customers. Good customer satisfaction means sales growth, productivity and effective marketing. With the tight competition, companies are looking for business strategies that would help them attract more customers and provide the better customer service. The best way for you to effectively compete with other key players in your industry is to integrate customer relationship management (CRM) into your business transactions.

Not A Burden Cost

Some may view CRM integration as another expense. However, as a business, you will surely benefit from it in the long run. All you have to do is to determine the importance of CRM systems to your company and make the necessary steps to get its benefits. In fact, there are several advantages and benefits that you can get from using CRM systems. You can streamline your sales processes, convert your leads into dynamic results and provide timely service to your clients and customers. CRM integration is also advised when it comes to attracting potential prospects through vital information and business meetings.

The Sugar Software

A leading provider of CRM systems, SugarCRM can offer you the best benefits that you should get in the first place. Its Sugar software offers a wide range of business advantages. When it comes to drawing customers and prospects, it integrates well-known social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to provide users greater change to gain wide visibility. CRM integration is for sure the best way to enhance how your business responds to changing environment.

The Best Decision

Contrary to what others say, spending on CRM integration is a very wise for your business and for your people. Your people are the first people who can enjoy what CRM integration has to offer as they can have the ability to effectively communicate with customers. That way, the relationship and communication between your company and your customers are enhanced.

CRM integration is a win-win. It drives profits and improve rate on investment (ROI). What you spend in investing will eventually be given back to you. CRM systems have become the ultimate tools for dealing with customers and employees. With proper use and update on new trends, CRM integration will sure bring you to success.

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Customer Service Becomes the New Innovative Business Revenue Model

Customer service has now become the main focus of every business in any industry. Customers are undoubtedly the source of revenue, and that is why companies are becoming more innovative when it comes to how they handle their services for their respected customers and clients.

Customer service is all about customer relationship management (CRM). The way you manage your relationship with your customers reflects how successful your business is. Customer service is the new innovative business model for businesses and organizations that recognize its impact on their corporate profits. It is just very simple if you think about it. Without customers, there is no business at all. More importantly, you know how to attract and retain your customers. A company that is capable of building trust with their customers will always be successful in its industry.

The need to maximize customer relationship management promotes growth in the demand for CRM systems. This has also proven by the strong competition in the CRM market in which CRM providers are expanding the capability of their systems to improve customer service. In fact, more and more CRM companies are getting world attention because of the features that their products have. One of the leading providers of CRM systems is SugarCRM, which has shown dramatic growth with strong customer demand.

So why is customer service important? Let me outline some of the reasons why you need to improve your customer service to achieve dramatic growth in your business revenue.

• To improve customer satisfaction

• To maintain customer retention

• To enhance business innovations

• To promote growth

• To have solid reputation

• To attract more prospects

• To solidify team collaboration

• To increase the chances of being known globally

• To maximize corporate profits

• To build strong brand image

Now, let me also explain why customer service should become your main priority in your business revenue model.

• Without customers, your business will always be subject to shutdown

• Bad customer service pushes your customers away

• Limited customer service decreases your chance of getting new prospects

• Ineffective customer service only means you have ineffective employees

• Good customer service maximizes your revenue

• Effective customer service only shows how good your employees are when it comes to customer relations

Mentioned above are just some of the reasons why you need to improve your company’s customer service. Customers will never leave your company and will always be loyal to your business as long as they are happy with how they are dealt with. Making it sure that your company can provide answers to their questions, inquires and concerns will help you to stay in the long run.