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How To Upgrade SugarCRM CE

Update in November 2018
A free version of SugarCRM CE has been updated to work with PHP 7+ versions and
is available to download at CRM.Place here:

SugarCRM has been through dramatic changes and its versions keep on maintaining the excitement that all users have. The updates in the Sugar software offer new features and capabilities to meet the growing demand of businesses and organizations. The only thing you have to do in orderto be updated on these new functionalities is to upgrade the software. Here are the steps on how to upgrade the SugarCRM software for Community Edition (CE).

Updating the Sugar software can take many points to consider, and the most important thing that you should always remember before doing this process is to have a back-up for all your files, records and other important customer information in the database. There is a tendency that you may lose all your data unexpectedly for unknown reason. So it is better to be prepared or else, your update would end up useless.

Considering that you already have the running Sugar and that you want to upgrade it

1. First, you would need to download the patch file in order to get started.

2. Log in on your SugarCRM CE account with your username and password.

3. Go to the like for Admin and look for Upgrade Wizard then click on it.

4. Go to the System Check and follow the required steps whenever you are asked to upgrade your downloaded patch file.

5. Click on the Preflight Checks and wait until the upgrade process becomes successful

6. You can then return to the page for Admin by clicking on the link and navigate the settings in the Repair option.

7. For a fast process, click on Quick Repair and rebuild button, and there you have your upgraded SugarCRM CE.

As you see, SugarCRM makes it very easy for every user to configure and specify the settings to meet their business requirements. All processes are simplified for great user experience. The upgrade process is a very easy action, and acquiring all new features of the Sugar software is always made possible.

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Sugar Version 6.5 Made Even Better

The release of Sugar version 6.5 has brought a wide range of features that have ultimately improved the way businesses deal with customer service. Sugar 6.5 is made even better with new enhancements and improvements in its capabilities. There is no way for SugarCRM users including customers, company partners and employees not to benefit from what Sugar 6.5 can offer.

Sugar 6.5 is yet the best version ever released by SugarCRM, and here are some of the reasons why:

User Experience is Streamlined and Went Through Intuition

Users can now have access to data more efficiently and perform related activities with no hassles.

Users can easily get information and create data through a newly updated navigation bar.

Users can look for more accurate and specific information in such a quicker and easy way with the use of the new FULL TEXT SEARCH.

Enhancements in Calendar Section

Users can schedule events in the SugarCRM to connect with others

Users can make recurring calls and meetings

Synchronization of Sugar calls, meetings, projects and other related tasks through the integration of iCalendar into Google’s Calendar.

Improvements in Admin

Users can facilitate the business activities of their company by using Studio to configure SugarCRM

Dependent dropdowns are now available because of a New Editor

Fields can be calculated and dependent because formula builder is enhanced.

These new features and capabilities are best fit to your business requirements and specifications. They are even made better to response to your company’s growing needs and much more demanding requirements.

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Why Choose Sugar For Your Business?

SugarCRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution designed to help businesses and organizations to strengthen their relationship with their valued customers and clients. The collaboration features of Sugar streamlines all bussiness activities and promotes effective and easy communication across all departments. I will list below some of what SugarCRM can offer for your business.

• Offers an opportunity and account insight into all your activities

• Uses a unified interface for managing schedules, meetings, calls and emails

• Creates, designates and controls projects and relevant tasks

• Supports necessary external data for third parties

• Boosts employee productivity and efficiency

• Improves team collaboration and cooperation

• Provides easy access to information in the CRM system

• Helps marketing teams improve their campaigns

• Clears barriers to understanding customer concerns, complains and inquiries

• Solidifies business partnerships

• Integrates social networks and Microsoft Outlook

• Shares documents with the rest of your team

• Increases profitability

• Allows the use of over 40 tools for integration

• Customizes dashboard to meet requirements

• Builds multiple accounts per client

• Gives extensive functionalities for document management

• Supports several languages

• Assists in managerial decision making

• Offers real-time insight into sales leads

In addition, SugarCRM provides ideal opportunity to developers when setting up CRM for individual businesses. And because it is an open source software, you can customize and configure SugarCRM to meet your specifications. This also has a free version for its Communication Edition.

Other Features:

• Compatible with Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS

• A multiplatform that allows users to create their own modules

• Has a minimum requirement to use.

SugarCRM has been used by global companies including:

• International internet firm Yahoo!

• World’s large coffee shop chain Starbucks

• global consulting company BDO Seidman

• AXA Rosenberg

• Coca Cola Enterprise

With SugarCRM, you can have everything that you wanted to improve and boost business productivity.

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SugarCRM Boosts Business Leadership

Leadership is what business leaders should always demonstrate to effectively convince their people to focus on their commitment to strong customer service. The ability to lead and guide the company and its employees is the basis of what a business needs for the future, and customer relationship is part of it. Leadership skills might be hard for someone to maintain, but with the help of customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, like SugarCRM, every business plan can be executed in a much easier and fast way.

Why SugarCRM Enables Leadership

The SugarCRM software is described as the fastest growing CRM solution around the world. Many business leaders are using the CRM software for they believe it’s got all they need for achieving business growth. Nobody wants to fail in competition, and managers know that what they should strongly focus on is providing good and satisfying customer service. The manager of a company that has decided to incorporate SugarCRM into their business confirms that they are able to lead employees professionally and comfortably because the software has features that make their task easy. Communicating with customers has become very effective, managers say. The advantages of using SugarCRM have also allowed top management executives to plan efficiently. In fact, most of the companies and organizations using the software revealed dramatic increase in their cooperation, collaboration and understanding.

SugarCRM Promotes Profitability

Reports show that SugarCRM helps businesses to raise their business revenue and profitability. Not only that, it has also been boosting employee productivity and time efficiently, the factors that every company needs to have in order to demonstrate good financial performance. With what Sugar has to offer, leading a company can be truly amazing and exciting. People can not only enjoy using SugarCRM in dealing with customers, they can also communicate effective with their colleagues and superiors. They can collaborate comfortably with less time spent, and this is where SugarCRM becomes very useful when it comes to personnel management.

Leadership is Easy to Have Through Sugar

Leadership can always become handy and achievable through SugarCRM. Managers, especially those who hold responsibility in the sales departments, can lead their people toward team solidarity and business growth. SugarCRM can always help business show how to demonstrate leadership skills with strong focus on financial management and customer service.

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Boosting Customer Relations and Data Management With SugarCRM

A business is always susceptible to encountering challenges that will test how long it can stand amidst the problems it can experience. The most crucial types of business challenges are those that involve customer relations. A business needs to have a strong relationship with its clients and existing customers in order for it to last and attain growth. Strained business-customer relationships often lead to business losses and business failures. Thus, customer relations should take the number one spot on the priority list.

SugarCRM is the most efficient customer relationship management (CRM) software that companies and organizations of all sizes use nowadays. The much more demanding customers in the modern world have changed how businesses should treat them, and SugarCRM has what it takes to be the best among the CRM solutions in the market. The most difficult part in handling customer relationship conflicts is when they affect marketing, sales and service. These problems should be immediately resolved to avoid more damages to a company. With its flexible characteristics, SugarCRM is offering customization services which allow users to customize the software to meet specific business requirements. This capability of SugarCRM is deemed one of the most effective features of the software since it accurately responds to the needs of every customer.

Advantages and Benefits Offered by SugarCRM Installation and Customization

It could take a lot of efforts, resources and time to generate and track sales leads, coordinate marketing campaigns and monitor customer inquiries and responses. SugarCRM is able to streamline business processes and other related transactions to make the flow better and more effective. Users do not need to suffer from these complicating and challenging tasks since the customization and installation services of SugarCRM are ultimately designed for automating every single task of an employee. SugarCRM can manage and handle various tasks and organize important information necessary for making successful business planning. It can also permit a company to conduct marketing and sales analytics and initiate marketing campaigns with less effort and time. With the Sugar software, a company can always maintain a higher level of professionalism while marketing itself to its target customers.

Multiple Functions Automation

The power of SugarCRM to automate every aspect in managing customer data is intended to show the commitment of the company to time efficiency and greater productivity. Companies can always make a successful approach to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty while boosting marketing strategies and continued sales. This is a multifaceted tool which suits businesses of all sizes , including small and medium-sized ones. It combines cost effectiveness with time efficiency to ensure professional and proper management of customer services and relations.