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The Sugar Platform for Your Business and Customers

A leading provider of open source customer relationship management (CRM) software, SugarCRM provides you a full insight of their clients and customers through marketing, core sales and customer service features. The CRM platform of SugarCRM is an extensile software in which a Module Builder tool is included in order to help users and developers in the creation and maintenance of custom applications that are very well supported.

Because Sugar is open source, the CRM operating system is distributed worldwide without any cost. Thousands members who are developing and testing all the stuff are becoming more involved because of its open source nature. It is written in program language (PHP) which you can instantly customize. Programmers can look into the source which can be also modified. Once you implement the SugarCRM software in your business, you can be sure of improved customer support and monitored company performance.

The Sugar Platform is designed for easy management of prospect and customer interactions across overall lines of business as some of the businesspeople are not tracking sales, leads, marketing campaigns and other important customer activities.

So why choose Sugar when it comes to business? There are numerous advantages that the Sugar Platform can offer for your business. Through the automation of the tasks you need to accomplish, you can shorten the cycle of your sales generation. Sugar provides you a clear picture of your top prospects in order for you to focus on the efforts and resources in cultivating better business relationships. You can track purchasing and preferences history for you to response to the growing needs of customers. Nurturing a strong relationship with customers and prospects requires the anticipation of business needs and the documentation of client conversations.

Moreover, new marketing campaigns can be easily developed for testing and launching with campaign management tools that are user friendly. In this way, you can broad your market scope by pushing more information about new products and services to your customers. New modules and customized screens can be added with the Sugar platform.

Furthermore, you can connect employees by enabling mobile smartphone technology with all the data the need. This information is customizable in way that it can be either disseminated or restricted across your credential-based channels. Nowadays, Sugar has been known of its capability to support several languages and integrate emails and online social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Sugar is best recommended when you are aiming to have a solution for your business difficulties.

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The Power of SugarCRM to Make Your Business Grow

Businesses are aware that money, popularity, customers and the market are interdependent. Companies need to market their products well in order to increase their business revenue and income. As companies and organizations need to improve and enhance their relationships with their clients, customers and prospects, SugarCRM software has come to help them improve their goals. The CRM software from SugarCRM directly involves the concept of integrating customer service with marketing allowing with support services.

The SugarCRM software has been used for businesses purposes, especially when it comes to sales and leads. Sugar is not just about tracking information about customers. It also encompasses the synchronization of the work made by all departments under a company. This provides a comprehensive package to clients with the desired time of delivery. SugarCRM is dedicated to improving the whole communication between a company and its clients. It integrates specific interfaces and social networking sites such is LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to provide ultimate customer services and technical support. Sugar is particularly beneficial for businesses searching for a solution when facing problems that directly involve customer relationship management.

Organizations are given the power to support their employees in handling customer accounts by going for SugarCRM. Since SugarCRM is open source, it is absolutely available to those who want to make improvements for free. It is of importance to have a highly proficient name in the business when it comes to the service providers that offer SugarCRM integration. As the relationship between business and clients are becoming electronically controlled, SugarCRM has been downloaded for a number of times. The company can benefit from the solutions of SugarCRM through increased revenue, improved level of customer satisfaction and significant investments and savings.

SugarCRM enables businesses to successfully integration CRM solution system in their culture. The different forms of Sugar solutions are designed to help businesses in coping with increased number of clients and customers data while maintaining good level of customer satisfaction. Moreover, SugarCRM is integration mobile phones, iPhones and iPad to offer users more effective features for business improvement. Sugar can be used whether you are offline or not anytime, anywhere. This makes Sugar to be very flexible when it comes to user capabilities.

Nowadays, SugarCRM has been playing a vital role in every success that companies attained by helping them understanding the needs and motivations of customers. A company can have profit for a longer period of time by retaining long-term clients and customers through the customer strategies offered by SugarCRM.

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What Businesses and Organizations Can Expect From Using the SugarCRM Software

The SugarCRM software has been the modern way of strengthening the customer relations of businesses. Companies of all sizes are using the Sugar Software in their aim of improving their relationship with their customers. Businesses are expecting to gain higher revenue and net income through good customer relationship management.

Since customers are the key to establishing a good brand image, companies are looking for effective marketing campaigns on how to attract their target audience. The Sugar software is specifically designed to help companies grow to the highest level. There are several marketing techniques out there that a company can use for business growth purposes. Sugar has been made easy for those who want to make a difference. SugarCRM is open source, which means it is available for clients to all customers.

It also has paid versions for those who want to meet the best customer relationship management requirements. The free version of SugarCRM is Sugar Community which is suitable for small and medium businesses. There are basic customer relationship management functionalities included in this version such as tracking of leads and bugs, management of opportunities and cases, and project management. The Sugar Enterprise and Sugar Professional are the commercial versions of SugarCRM which are suitable for large businesses and organizations. These versions offer a large number of capabilities intended for managing the customer relations. The functionalities included in these versions include multiple deployment keys, forecasting of sales, and management of documents related to business processes and transactions.

The installation of a customer relationship management software package like SugarCRM plays a vital role in the company’s customer relationship management system. This software has no licensing fee and has an easy installation process. The development consultants of the SugarCRM software have been working to perfect the software package for business and organizational purposes. They remain active to provide what businesses need for their business development plans.

The SugarCRM addresses the troubleshooting needs of business and organizations for helping the development of project specific tools. Because the work has been driven by the advent of new technologies, SugarCRM has come to provide CRM solutions to streamline the processes for businesses for customer management where planning, scheduling and controlling are absolutely included.

SugarCRM has been embracing all factors of dealing with customers, clients and prospects as well as technical assistance, marketing campaigns, sales forecasting and field services. Continued profitability and long term business expansion are the two aspects that SugarCRM assures businesses to have when using the Sugar Software package.

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Open Source CRM at Its Best

Companies and organizations have their own limitations and improvement report relating to the unexpected modern challenges. A business or organization should have strong support and enhanced relations with its clients and customers as well as its sales department. Enterprises can have the full abilities to solve underlying issues in a single and harmonious way through the help of open source customer relationship management (CRM) software solutions.

When it comes to flexibility, reliability and feasibility, a company can achieve big success by using open source CRM software. This open source solution is specifically designed to help a business grow by strengthening its relationships with clients and customers. This improves customer retention and client satisfaction without compromising the affordability and quality of the services being offered by a particular company. In fact, the concept of open source CRM solutions encompasses the fundamentals necessary to persuade hundreds of customers and clients.

A business can make its customers or clients more secure and loyal by having optimum investment cost. Aside from being free with no licensing fee, open source CRM covers the establishment of service methods and best aptitude which are necessary for the satisfaction of customers at the highest degree. Not only has it maintained information conversations and communications in data storage, open source CRM can increase company revenue and income while minimizing time consumption for business related activities and transactions.

Nowadays, service and marketing providing businesses have been using open source CRM programs as their most effective way of enhancing the satisfaction of their clients and customers. Different customized CRM solutions are being offered by CRM providers in response to tight competition in the CRM market. CRM software programs are being upgraded in a way that they quickly address the needs of customers and meet the interested of small and medium enterprises. The main capabilities of a CRM software commonly includes data tracking, sales force automation, date integration and migration, product and contact management, customer or client service training, routing of leads, task and lead source management, tracking of partners, sales forecasting and analytics, trouble shooting, territory and quota management, reporting of customers and calendaring.

Open source CRM systems are developed and maintained by a group of information technologies who are volunteering to help businesses achieve their objectives. These CRM systems are deemed best when it comes to recording customer data such as the name of customers, their address and personal or business contacts. It has bee proven that these open source CRM system truly improves the life of businesses as well as the needs of customers/clients.

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Reasons Why Businesses and Organizations Should Choose Sugar

Globally, SugarCRM has attracted more that 400,000 users who claimed satisfied of the service and the solutions offered. A large number of people have been downloading SugarCRM within 2 years of origination, attributed mainly to Sugar’s transition in 75 languages. Sugar involves no obligation or cost. The customer relations management solutions offered by SugarCRM provide great help for those facing problems in their business, especially when it comes to sales.

Through SugarCRM, there is an ensured convenience in the coordination of accounts, opportunities, email list management and contacts, as well as the conduction marketing campaigns and the handling of customer issues and service requests. It encompasses tabs customization, selective displays and date or information import, making Sugar to be highly flexible and easy when it comes to installation.

Using this open source solution, users as well as programmers are gaining quick access to their practices and thoughts. Moreover, customers are kept away from artificial restrictions and constraints, notably the vendor lock-in. SugarCRM simply provides overall control to the users.

There are numerous features in SugarCRM that earned high respect when it comes to customer satisfaction, SugarCRM software can be deployed anywhere and anytime, public cloud, sugar cloud, partner cloud and customer cloud. The common language of SugarCRM is PHP with no limitations and hidden charges. In addition, SugarCRM integrates auditing capabilities, level access of access, open ideas and accessible environment.

SugarCRM can work the way a business works and grows as you grow. Its integrations are made available to all partners, clients and customers. It offers free backups in weekly manner and full database backup related to customer information. SugarCRM is also accessible to Blackberry, iPad, Android, iPhone as well as in online social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It is highly customizable, making users to only have minimal technical knowledge.

This software can be supported after implement. In this way, clients have been describing Sugar is very adaptive to any working environment. Partners are enabled to help their clients in implementing and supporting Sugar Suite through their use of their expertise and experience in the Sugar customer relations management software.

SugarCRM helps partners to become well-equipped in assisting businesses to fully leverage the functionality and features of Sugar for the achievement of aimed outcome. Thus, SugarCRM is designed to help companies to have more effective communication with their prospect clients to better their business processes.

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What the SugarCRM Software Can Do for Your Business

Nowadays, it is very common that many businesses are facing problems when it comes to the management of the records of their clients as well as their business customers, hindering them to strengthen their business-to-business relationships. Selecting the customer relations management (CRM) software from SugarCRM for managing information can be very helpful in accelerating business prospects when operating a business and search for solutions in systematizing business transactions with efficient and effective efforts.


CRM software of Sugar is an open source enabling a business to meet all of the customer relationship management requirements for better business operation. This solution was created for managing and monitoring customer data, client requests, sales leads and others that are relevant to the marketing and sales department within a company. This software has been made available in both commercial and free editions/versions. However, the commercial edition is far different from the free one because it offers additional features such as consolidation with multiple deployment tools, Microsoft Outlook, offline customer synchronization and etc. It is proven ideal for businesses having higher number of clients and customers.


There are a number of features that organizations can use to have a powerful CRM system through the use of SugarCRM software. Information regarding the number of lead sources, meeting, marketing campaign, contact details and sales prospects can be updated by the sales department. The access to the system is provided to the authorized users whenever they want to. Collaboration between the sales department and clients are also strengthened for better transactions.


In fact, the creation of multiples accounts for a large number of clients with the same platform is allowed.  Important people in the management are enabled to guide the sales department with new business potentials. Moreover, modification of dashboard relevant to the requirement of business is permitted while provided real-time insight of sales lead sources and multiple marketing strategies. This software has been claimed as one of the most demanding and significant commercial open source CRM solutions because of its capability to suit to all companies of different sizes.


Providing a cost effective and more flexible alternative, the SugarCRM solution quickly adapts all business environments. This allows the customization and integration of customer facing business transactions with the aim of establishing and reserving more profitable processes among the departments within the organization. Furthermore, it ensures the centralization and coordination of company communications by translating to less downtime and greater efficiency and productivity.

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The Advantages of Sugar Mobile and the Benefits It Can Provide To Users

The iPad and iPhone from Apple are such mobile devices that are continuing to gain force in enterprises, making it to meet the increasing demand for mobile access to information and applications. Providers of customer relationship management (CRM) software have been the focus of providers of mobile access to their applications as sales personnel are among the most mobile members of the sales department. The CRM software of SugarCRM has included more designs and features as its Sugar 6 was released. A new iPhone application was added to the company’s most recent CRM release. The open source CRM software is where Sugar CRM is based from.

Thousands of customers have selected the on-site and cloud computer services of SugarCRM over propriety alternative. The software is designed for allowing companies to manage, track and organize people, business activities and sales opportunities by using CRM dashboards in addition to marketing reports and tools, sales trends and client profiles.

The new mobile application was released to offer an intuitive and clean interface for accessing CRM system as iPhone features. Users most likely realize that easily use the mobile application and Sugar CRM when maneuvering popular web services like Yahoo! and Gmail as well as online social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This iPhone application is currently offered by Sugar Enterprise and Sugar Professional versions. The SugarCRm website offers a free trial of Sugar iPhone application. Users can provide their URL for mobile access and the information will be sent through email. This information shall be used to connect to CRM when access the Sugar Mobile for iPhone Application. Users are provided by Sugar Mobile with access to Sugar information from iPhone or Android smartphones that are connected to the Internet.

Configurations can be easily done by administrators on the visible fields and modules to the users of Sugar Mobile. The mobile experience is highly optimized by the businesses while allowing a continuous decline in downtime and a stable increase in business productivity. Other features that Sugar Mobile has on people include accessing reports from Sugar, Integrating with mapping applications on any electronic device, merging with clients of mobile emails, logging calls to Sugar and quickly implementing mobile functionality and across deployment options of Sugar.

In Sugar mobile, there is the availability of all modules including the addition of links, passwords and usernames. Users are able to name the relationship stage and edit or view all information when the lead sources turn into real opportunities. In addition, Instance access to tasks and scheduled meetings are given to Sugar users.
SugarCRM Mobile application has open standards that are cost effective based on web services. Date from enterprises housed SugarCRM is quickly connected and extended to BlackBerry, providing flexibility and ease of use to users. Furthermore, sales productivity of a company is improved with mobile access solutions through Sugar Mobile. Sugar information is automatically updated when returning to the network while working offline.

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Sugar Open Source CRM For Your Business

SugarCrm has an open source customer relationship management application with a set of business transactions designed to enhance the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and boost sales performance. Open source application also improves the satisfaction of customers by providing executive view into the performance of the companies. Customers of different sizes across wide range of industries prefer Sugar open source CRM because of its effectiveness and efficiency in collaborating and administering the way a business operates.


SugarCRM has advanced features which make it more convenient to companies from different industries. The installation of modules and language packs from Sugar is very easy and out of troubles. Several tools and options are also offered by the administration area. In addition, there is a translation of mobile solutions to improved productivity. Calendar and email data with Microsoft Outlook is integrated to ensure the centralization and coordination of business communications.


Applicability to users is guaranteed by user interfaces and workflow that are customizable. The full visibility of source code for cost friendly support and customization is provided by the open source. Open source indicates open development transaction to provide continuous feedback from clients and customers. It results in products of higher quality designed to meet the needs and interests of customers. Users are provided with more flexibility when running the Sugar software wherever they like and conduct a variety of changes without limitation. Additionally, users gain control different from what other CRM systems provide. Data being encoded can be owned by users with no locked-in period service.


Users can affordably and easily use Sugar for business activities, especially to customer relations. Businesses are given with the highest assistance in communicating with prospective customers and in sharing information related to sales reports. Sugar is capable of running in on-site or Cloud, making it to be very useful for companies, large organizations or associations and enterprises of all sizes.


Through SugarCRM, full participation of users from around the globe in creating a produce of higher quality and usefulness is made possible. SugarCRM is designed for controlling clients and users through the abolishment of artificial limitations that vendors impose. Users are helped when it comes to making extensions that can be protected and disseminated at the same time. This product is allowed by open source license to reach more users around the world if the product meets the expectation of the consumers. One of the most important benefits that Sugar open source offers is being easy to use at the highest degree. It can provide more reliability and capabilities, making it best in improving the business productivity of your organization.